At Dotrid International Training Institute we offer a broad range of qualitative professional services designed to meet the ever changing needs of our clientele. Our commitment to excellence, continuous improvement and resolve to deliver value at every contact with our clients have positioned us a preferred destination for corporate training solutions and services.

Program Design

Our programs are specially designed and regularly reviewed and updated to meet contemporary standards, as well as position our trainees to meet the current and future needs of their organizations and respective sector or industry. 

Public Programs

We have a broad range of public training programs which are open to individual participants and groups from any organization. These programs are usually held outside of participants work environment to allow for maximum concentration and generate a learning experience with optimal impact.

Our training programmes are usually held in five star facilities: very comfortable and conducive environments with state-of-the-art   amenities and services.  These help participants to give finest attention to their learning while away from their work, without the hassles of day-to-day job.

Our trainers are experts in their various fields, and do possess excellent skills to facilitate smooth delivery of adult learning process. Participants also benefit from sharing experiences with people from other organizations and gain a new perspective on common problems.

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