This course was designed to help participants acquire broad skills in Project Management for Development Projects. Participants will be brought to speed on the concepts and principles of management and their applications to the project cycle, as well as build their capacity in managing and planning for change and unforeseen circumstances on their projects.

In this training programme participants will be exposed to the key tools and techniques necessary to  effectively plan, manage, and evaluate projects whether large or small. The programme has been  specifically designed to provide you with a highly practical guide to the key skills; strategies and techniques that you will need in the management of development projects.



By the end of the course, participants will be able to:Understand and apply skills for successful project execution

  • Appreciate how to execute the Design, Procurement, and Construction phases and ensure successful Start-up using a structured phase-by-phase project execution approach
  • Effectively identify gaps and omissions in the Design, Procurement, Construction, and Start- up phases
  • Understand how to manage the requirements and expectations at various interfaces during project execution
  • Apply Key Performance Indicators and Success Criteria for an effective project execution
  • Manage seamless coordination and transition from Design through to Procurement, Construction, and Start-up phases
  • Plan projects using statement of work and Work Breakdown Structure (WBS)
  • Schedule projects activities and build the project network model
  • Calculate project budgets and schedule variances using Earned Value (EV) techniques
  • Select the right projects using capital budgeting techniques
  • Relate to project stakeholders through better negotiation and communication skills



Module 1 Project Execution Fundamentals

  • Project Execution Nuts and Bolts – Why we are still not getting it right?
  • Phase by Phase Approach for Project Execution
  • Industry recognised Project Execution Tools and Techniques
  • Current Gaps and Challenges in Project Execution
  • Hard and Soft Issues in Project Execution


Module 2 Design Phase and Impact to Project Execution

  • Pre-Project Planning Studies
  • Gap Identification and Analysis during Project Initiation and Conceptualization Phase
  • How The Design Phase will influence the likelihood of Project Execution Success
  • Key Considerations to ensure Design Phase Integrity
  • Key Performance Indicators and Success Criteria For The Design Phase


Module 3 Procurement Phase and Impact to Project Execution

  • Different Types of Procurement Route and their Impact on Project Execution
  • Effective Risk and Reward Sharing Mechanism to Enhance Project Execution
  • How The Procurement Phase will Influence the likelihood of Project Execution Success
  • Key Considerations to Ensure Procurement Phase Integrity and Feasibility
  • Key Performance Indicators and Success Criteria For The Procurement Phase


Module 4 Construction Phase and Impact to Project Execution

  • Constructability and Where there are Existing Gaps
  • Why Constructability is Still A Challenge For Many Organizations
  • How to Overcome These Challenges during Project Execution
  • Construction Phase Key Performance Indicators and Success Criteria
  • Effective Control and Monitoring Tools and Techniques during the Construction Phase


Module 5 The Start-Up Phase

  • Bringing It Together – The Design, Procurement and Construction Phases to Ensure Successful Start-Up
  • Managing the Interfaces in the Project Life Cycle to Enhance Project Execution Success Rate
  • Pre-commissioning, Commissioning and Initial Start-Up Gaps and Challenges
  • Enhancing the Preparedness and Readiness Level of The Asset or Plant
  • How the Project Execution Success will Influence the Likelihood of Successful Start-Up
  • Key Considerations to Ensure Start-Up Phase Integrity and Feasibility
  • Key Performance Indicators and Success Criteria For the Start-Up Phase


Who should Attend?

  • Professionals from any discipline, sector, or industry aspiring to learn about project execution fundamentals and principles
  • Project Professionals / Project Managers / Project Teams / Project Executives
  • Project Design Teams
  • Project Engineers
  • Business-As-Usual Teams / Operations Executives
  • Any Departmental or Functional Professionals and Teams
  • Consulting / Contracting / Procurement Department Professionals and Teams
  • Any aspiring and would-be Project Management Professionals of any phase of the project life-cycle from design through to start-up



Each delegate will be entitled to a full package of course materials, a Certificate of participation, refreshments, expert facilitation and buffet lunch. To register for this course please apply online at:  or complete and forward our nomination form obtainable via email from:  or call +27215519023, +27 832412212. Tuition fees USD2500 discount available for group participants from the same organization.



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