This Cybersecurity workshop will highlight broad processes and mechanisms by which computerbased equipment, information and services are protected from unintended or unauthorized access, change or destruction.
Computer security also includes protection from unplanned events and natural disasters. In this training programme participants will be exposed to the key tools and techniques necessary to effectively manage Cybersecurity issues.

The programme has been specifically designed to provide you with a highly practical guide to the key skills; strategies and techniques that you will need in the handling of IT security issues. This programme is intended to provide participants with core skills in subject of cybersecurity covering computer systems and networks, including organized cyber attacks, cyber defense, cyber crime, information assurance with cyber systems, cyber terrorism and cyber warfare. Technological, societal, and human issues will be investigated. The workshop will involve practical work as well as group study sessions.

This workshop will focus on:
INTRODUCTION – current society, computing & security: individual, corporate, national, international

• New and proposed rules, regulations facing modern industry

• What are Cyber Threats?
• What is Cybercrime?
• The Cybercrime Threat
• Examples, Characteristics, Categories
• Statistics,Traditional, Sector Specific
• Grouping Threats
• Cybercrime and Cyberwar
• Cyberwar, Cyberterrorism, Cyber Espionage
• The Links
• What’s Driving the Cybercrime Economy
• The Vulnerability Business
• Financial Gain, Information Gain, Computer Misuse Legislation
• The Other Advanced Attacks: DNS/NTP Amplification and Careto
• Dedicated networking time
• Technology Spotlight
• Industrial Cybersecurity
• Customized Malware—How to Address the “Invisible” Threat
• Vulnerabilities in the cyber structure and infrastructure
• Cyber threats and weaponry
• Cyber defense, detection and prevention
• Investigation/assessment:what, by whom, for what purpose
• Critical infrastructure: defense and assurance
• Cyber attacks on hardware
• Cyber-terrorism, cyber-war and cyberpeace Cyber-deterrence

• From a Macro Level
• Cybercrime Syndicates
• Key Targets – Financial Institutions
• From Bang to Flash

• Meet the Actors
• How Does it All Gel?
• Cashing Out – Factors
• Buying & Selling Information on the Black Stock Market
• Moving Money
• Carding and Forums
• Notable Carders
• Price Lists
• Factors the Drive Price
• Money Mule Operations
• Evolution of Techniques

This course will of great benefits to:
• IT Professionals
• Security Professionals
• Senior managers who are responsible for managing risk and/or embedding effective systems of corporate governance.
• ICT Managers/Officers
• Chief executives and heads of departments who require a better understanding of cyber risk management and the role it should play within their organizations.
• Risk Professionals
• Insurance managers,
• Brokers,
• Safety practitioners,
• Auditors,
• Project managers,
• Accountants,
• Solicitors and
• Consultants who are increasingly finding cyber risk management is forming part of their remit or are expected to have an understanding of the subject.

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